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  • At sofatutor, I can completely pursue my passion for language, literature and didactics and actively help shape the learning process of students. The variety of topics and a wonderful team that works together with creativity, esprit and passion inspires and motivates me every day.


    Senior Editor

  • My most memorable project to date at sofatutor has to be the conception of Middle School video content. A team of content writers, illustrators, animators, and audio designers collaborated to create new, more mature-looking videos for middle school children. We combined our creative ideas with our first-hand understanding of the needs, interests, and challenges of this age group. Through multiple rounds of iterations and sparring, we produced test videos that yielded further insights and helped us producing the final videos.


    Production Lead

Content Development

Together with project managers and a data and research team, content writers work here to continuously adapt the existing content to the needs of students and develop solutions for every learning situation. Feedback from students, teachers, and parents is essential to the development of sofatutor.

Content Production (DACH)

With the expertise of our content writers and creative designers, the contents of the curricula are brought to life here. This is done in learning videos that explain even the most complicated content step by step with humor and age-appropriate design, and in-learning texts that visualize all content well and explain it compactly. In addition, exercises are created with which everything from English vocabulary to curve discussions can be consolidated and trained.

Content Production (International)

The learning content for the USA and UK is created by the production team, which consists of motion designers, illustrators, audio designers, and education experts from their respective countries. This way, learning videos, exercises, and learning texts are made motivating, age-appropriate, and lovingly designed, while accounting for the country-specific school curricula and explanations.

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