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"Our goal is to support young people worldwide with the best learning content – on a unique platform."  - Stephan Bayer -

Founder & CEO

About Us

With more than 11,000 learning videos, over 44,000 interactive exercises, and nearly 40,000 worksheets, sofatutor offers students of all grade levels the opportunity to learn digitally and flexibly, in terms of time and location.

At sofatutor, we believe that children and youth achieve their learning goals best when they learn at their own pace using a variety of learning media. With a team of more than 230 employees, we pursue our vision of advancing the digitalization of learning and creating a product that makes learning fun.

We place particular value on the satisfaction of our customers and employees. That's why we are proud of our awards as a Top Company and for our outstanding customer support.

Furthermore, we are committed to sustainability and have been a climate-neutral company since 2020.


4,4 stars company evaluation (01.2024)


More than 96% positive reviews (01.2024)

Green company

climate neutral company (since 2020)

Our history

As a student at Humboldt University in Berlin, Stephan Bayer had the idea for sofatutor in 2008 while preparing for a mathematics exam. In order to better understand the subject matter, he spontaneously shot a short film with his new camera and shared it with his fellow students. The response was so positive that the idea of building a platform with learning videos stuck with him. Today, is the most comprehensive online learning platform in the German-speaking world. Every day, more than 230 employees work on the conception, implementation, and further development of innovative content. 

For more on the latest developments and initiatives in the company, visit the sofatutor LinkedIn profile.

Our Mission & Vision


Entrepreneurial and agile, we develop a learning platform that inspires. With our perfectly tuned learning content, we enable students to learn more and more easily on their own.


We help students have fun in school and shape the future of digital learning.

Our sofatutor values


We work to improve learning. To do so, we continuously learn and improve ourselves.


We are driven by the belief that by digitizing learning with sofatutor, we can positively impact the school career of all students.


We are successful as a team and stand up for one another. We are open and honest with each other.


We maintain the flexibility to react to new situations with new solutions. We like to leave well-trodden paths for this purpose.


We drive the development of sofatutor with fun to create a product that is fun to use.


We act professionally and everyone is conscientiously responsible for their own area and tasks.

sofatutor features

Learning videos

Motivated learning

Interactive exercises

Repeat independently

Learning game Sofaheld

Playful practise

Vocabulary trainer

Simply remember

24h homework chat

Clarify questions at any time


Consolidate knowledge

sofatutor in numbers

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