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People & Culture

From the beginning, I was convinced by the friendly and modern appearance of sofatutor, which was then also reflected in the application process. In addition to working for a good cause in education, my great team, flexibility, appreciation, and openness motivate me every day anew to make my contribution to the success of the company.


Talent Acquisition Manager

Employee Experience

The Employee Experience Team ensures that each employee surpasses their potential by creating a safe and pleasant working environment. It focuses on providing support and appreciation to every individual on their journey at sofatutor, enabling them to thrive and unleash their full potential.

People Business Partner

The People Business Partner team connects and balances the needs of employees and the company, supporting sofatutor's leaders in speaking and acting with a unified voice to create an exceptional and great workplace.

Talent Acquisition

The Talent Acquisition team plays a crucial role in recruiting new employees who support sofatutor's mission. We are constantly evolving, remaining open and flexible to change. Additionally, we prioritize building trusted relationships both within the team and with our stakeholders.

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