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Product & Technology

  • I joined sofatutor at the beginning of the early-learning product development, and it has been amazing to see this beautiful project come to life. After months of hard but exciting work, sofatutor Kids launched and is on the market for kids and parents to enjoy! Everyone worked collaboratively and did their best. Because the environment was full of sofatutor values, like - passion, fun, and flexibility - the spirit of innovation was high. But please see and feel it on your own by checking


    Agile Coach

  • I have always experienced great support from my superiors at sofatutor and have always been given opportunities to shape my path according to my interests and strengths. What stands out for me at sofatutor is how well internal team changes are also possible.


    Product Manager Growth

Team Blue

Team Blue is dedicated to revolutionizing the teaching experience and empowering educators through our advanced sofatutor teacher and school products. With a passionate and talented team, we combine diverse expertise and a shared vision to transform education.

We understand the challenges presented by diverse classrooms and the vital role of targeted support. Through our innovative products for schools and teachers, we provide educators with the tools to customize their teaching strategies, save time and meet the unique needs of every student.

Team Green

Team Green is dedicated to developing self-service solutions and automation for our internal team members to improve their day-to-day work. With a broad range of skills in software development, process optimisation and project management, we prioritise internal stakeholder requests to streamline workflows and eliminate manual processes. Using cutting-edge technologies and data-driven insights, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that increase the productivity and efficiency of our team members so they can focus on what matters most - creating value for our clients.

Team Orange

Team Orange focuses on delivering a comprehensive learning platform for students from elementary school to high school, covering various aspects such as learning use cases and features, content access, and gamification and engagement. The team conducts extensive user research, including concept testing, user testing, experiments, and optimizations to ensure the platform meets the needs of the student. They are responsible for designing and implementing features such as videos, the learning game Sofaheld, worksheets, and the vocabulary trainer. The team is also responsible for the maintenance and development of the sofatutor platform and App.

Team Purple

Team Purple’s primary goal is to educate parents about the platform’s unique features and benefits. With collective expertise in CRO, design, research, and web development, we guarantee the site to be user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing. Through rigorous user research, testing, and data-driven decisions, we're committed to continuous improvement, and we strive to assure as many parents as possible that sofatutor is indeed the right solution for their children’s learning journey.

Team Yellow

Team Yellow is dedicated to creating a cutting-edge early-learning product that engages and inspires young minds. Our talented team is developing fun and motivating games and interactive features that support children’s overall development from a very early age.

The team works under the shared leadership of an experienced Engineering Manager and Product Manager who drive the strategic vision of the product and ensure that the team is functioning effectively and efficiently. The development team is made up of front-end developers with expertise in React and backend developers who specialize in Ruby on Rails. Our expert UX designers apply their creative vision to enhance the user experience. We also have  UX researchers who conduct extensive user testing and an agile coach who streamlines our development process.

Together, our team values innovation, excellence, and collaboration, with each member playing an essential role in developing our exciting early-learning product. We are committed to delivering high-quality software solutions that will delight sofatutor’s youngest users.

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